Health Plans & Payers

Skyrocketing drug costs can make it difficult to provide affordable specialty pharmacy benefits. At AcariaHealth, we are transforming how those benefits are managed by utilizing clinical expertise, leading-edge data analytics, and systems that give you the advantage in controlling cost and trend.

When patients and their physicians have the resources and communication tools they need to follow more efficient treatment plans health outcomes improve and costs go down. Our patient-focused, protocol-driven care combined with clinical data collection and analytics drive savings to everyone we serve. Our education programs help patients understand their condition and treatment. We follow up with patient adherence and monitoring and help coordinate nursing services to ensure that patients have the support that they need to realize their best health. And our national footprint of specialty pharmacies provides accessibility, consistent processes, and quality services so patients can get their medications more conveniently.

All of this adds up to measurable results in better patient outcomes and improved cost and trend.

Our health plan and payer clients can count on AcariaHealth to deliver:

  • Integrated pharmacy and medical specialty drug management
  • Clinical programs supporting improved outcomes and cost containment
  • Trend management initiatives
  • Coordination of nursing services
  • Comprehensive patient education and training
  • Dedicated clinical and account management team
  • Robust physician field team
  • Copay assistance support to mitigate financial stressors
  • Flexible, custom billing options
  • Real-time data analysis and reporting