Hemophilia and Other Bleeding Disorders

Being diagnosed with Hemophilia or another bleeding disorder can be frightening. But with right care and health management support, patients with bleeding disorders can look forward to living long and healthy lives.

AcariaHealth’s sister company, Specialty Therapeutic Care (STC), has years of experience serving patients with bleeding disorders, including Hemophilia. We understand that bleeding disorders affect a person emotionally, as well as physically. STC provides individualized support and services designed to manage treatment that empowers patients to be healthy, active, and thrive.

The key goal of treatment for a bleeding disorder is to stop and prevent bleeds. If the patient has been diagnosed with Hemophilia, treatment includes replacing the missing clotting factor and incorporating safe lifestyle choices.

As your trusted partner, we provide the clinical support and information needed to live well. Every patient has different needs, and that is why we design a comprehensive, patient-specific plan customized for every situation, including identifying drug manufacturer copay programs that can reduce medication cost.