Specialty drugs can be life-changing for a patient who is diagnosed with a complex and chronic disease. The right specialty drug prescribed to the right patient in the right setting at the right time can allow that patient to live more independently and avoid hospitalization.

At AcariaHealth, we recognize that pharmaceutical manufacturers are making it possible for patients to experience better health outcomes, and their investment in the research and development of future specialty drugs allows more patients with complex and chronic diseases to manage their health with greater ease.

We work closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers to help patients get their medication and manage their conditions affordably. Our clinical teams educate patients on their medications and support patient adherence to their drug protocols, and we have access to various copay assistance programs to help ease potential financial burden.

We put the patient at the center of all that we do, and our partnership with manufacturers helps ensure that patients have affordable access to the medications they need.

AcariaHealth provides the following services for our pharmaceutical industry partners:

  • Patient copay assistance programs/reimbursement assistance program management
  • Protocol-driven patient clinical support services
  • REMS and registry programs
  • Facilitation of manufacturer-sponsored, patient-focused disease education and management
  • Limited distribution programs
  • Preplanning, support and account management
  • Strategic consulting
  • Real-time data analysis and reporting
  • National physician sales network
  • Participation in clinical trials